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Expert training for auto lenders

The key to auto lending profitability is to manage the credit loss expense.  Think about it.  Rates are governed by the competition, funding is set by economics, and overhead is a fixed expense.  The most volatile yet controllable expense is credit loss.  We are experts that can show you how to reduce defaults by 20% - for less than the cost of one charge-off.  Now that’s an investment you can bank on!  Tactical Auto Training specializes in:

Expert instruction for reducing and controlling credit losses

  • The newest proprietary Static Loss Analysis & forecasting tools
  • Portfolio reviews to ensure today’s loans are not tomorrow’s problems
  • Portfolio & credit policy restorations – we are credit performance turnaround & maintenance experts
  • Typical on-site visits take only a few days and will reduce losses by 20% with little impact on production
  • Get our proprietary formula that enables you to forecast losses with precision – a must for credit & risk managers 

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